Carlsberg Develops Smart Beer Tap Using IoT

In a world where even our toasters are getting smarter (but not smarter than us, at least yet), it’s no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how we pour and enjoy a pint. Thanks to a collaboration between Carlsberg and Onomondo, the days of warm, flat beer could soon be behind us. But what exactly is the IoT, and why do we need smart beer taps?

Carlsberg is partnering with Onomondo, a provider of IoT connectivity solutions headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, aiming to revolutionize how bars and restaurants operate their draught installations through Carlsberg DaughtMaster. 

According to the company’s website, Carlsberg’s new DaughtMaster system users can now monitor sales patterns in real time, receive early warnings of technical issues, and digitize their operations.

The partnership aims to deploy smart beer taps in 10 countries starting in 2024. Eventually, Carlsberg may be able to connect to over 630 networks in more than 180 countries via Onomondo’s Network Marketplace, providing complete control over data costs and network access for deployed devices.

Henrik Aagaard, co-founder and CTO of Onomondo, stated that the company aims to provide a simplified and unified network offering optimal coverage with IoT solutions. In his opinion, collaborating with Carlsberg has resulted in a solution that can function wherever their beer is consumed, addressing the phasing out of 2G and 3G standards worldwide and ensuring adaptability and future-proofing for the network and devices. Additionally, Onomondo’s software enables Carlsberg to troubleshoot remotely, reduce downtime, and provide an uninterrupted customer experience. The predictive maintenance capabilities of the Digital DraughtMaster, coupled with Onomondo’s software, allow users to address potential problems before they impact beer flow. 

We at are always worried that something might impact our beer flow, so these smart beer taps might turn out to be useful. While aimed at restaurant owners, this solution can lead to better quality control and more efficient supply management, thereby ensuring a better customer experience. We’ll have to wait and see if IoT smart beer solutions are just another fad or something that will genuinely impact the industry in a positive way.

Gregory Thomas, Senior Director at Carlsberg overseeing DraughtMaster, expressed the challenges they faced before the collaboration with Onomondo, including operating devices on a global scale, ensuring secure transmission of data to cloud environments, and guaranteeing constant connectivity and functionality. By implementing Onomondo’s IoT SIMs and core network into their system, Carlsberg overcame these challenges in a simple, reliable, and accessible way, removing the need for a patchwork of service providers.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in Onomondo’s growth, following a new USD 21 million growth investment led by Verdane. The company has leveraged the funds to drive development and continue its mission to rethink what’s possible through IoT connectivity, including the launch of SoftSIM, the world’s first 100% software and agnostic IoT SIM.

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