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Custom Beer Tastes Best When High

Alaska Airlines has unveiled its first custom craft beer, the “Cloud Cruiser” IPA, created in partnership with Seattle-based Fremont Brewing. This unique brew will be offered as a complimentary beverage in first and premium class, available for purchase in the main cabin, and served in select lounges.

As we all know, airline food is often not very good. It may not be their fault: as the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, the dry air and change in air pressure diminish our ability to taste. A 2010 study conducted by the German airline Lufthansa revealed that our sensitivity to saltiness and sweetness decreases by approximately 30 percent at high altitudes.

To avoid this problem and ensure that the “Cloud Cruiser” tastes good at high altitudes, the collaboration involved extensive taste testing at 30,000 feet, with the final product featuring bright orange, melon, and tropical notes.

The beer is housed in a specially designed can, showcasing an Alaska Airlines plane soaring above the clouds against a backdrop of Washington state’s iconic scenery. According to Todd Traynor-Corey, Alaska Airlines’ managing director of guest products, “the only place in the world you’ll be able to find this one-of-a-kind craft beer is if you’re flying on Alaska or in one of our lounges.” This exclusive offering further enhances the airline’s commitment to showcasing West Coast brands on its in-flight menu.

The “Cloud Cruiser” IPA is priced at 8.50 USD per 355 ml can inflight and is free with lounge access. It has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 6.5% and is brewed with a select blend of malts and Washington-grown hops to ensure freshness at altitude.

Alaska Airlines and Fremont Brewing have collaborated to introduce a new beer, the “Cloud Cruiser” IPA, as part of the airline’s onboard offerings. This partnership is a significant milestone for both companies. It is a testament to Alaska Airlines’ commitment to enhancing its passengers’ experience. The “Cloud Cruiser” IPA is set to become a distinctive feature of the airline’s beverage selection, offering travelers a unique taste of the Pacific Northwest’s craft beer culture.

The “Cloud Cruiser” IPA is now available on Alaska Airlines flights and in select lounges, providing passengers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to savor this exceptional brew while soaring through the skies.

According to the company, they have already received feedback from the first guests to taste their new West Coast product. They say they can’t wait for Alaska Airlines again and order another can of “Cloud Cruiser.”

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