Drinking Culture

Custom Beer Tastes Best When High

Alaska Airlines has unveiled its first custom craft beer, the "Cloud Cruiser" IPA that tastes best when high.

Types and Styles

Style Guide: Difference Between Ales and Lagers

Even seasoned beer enthusiasts who can easily distinguish between different beer styles in their glass often need help explaining the difference between ales and lagers to the uninitiated.

Pubs and Bars

Carlsberg Develops Smart Beer Tap Using IoT

In a world where even our toasters are getting smarter (but not smarter than us, at least yet), it's no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how we pour and enjoy a pint.

Types and Styles

Style Guide: What Is Wheat Beer?

In the diverse world of craft brewing, the kaleidoscope of beer styles offers a spectrum of flavors, aromas, and textures. Amidst this diversity, wheat beer stands out as a refreshing and often misunderstood gem—prompting the question, "What is wheat beer?"


Putin Steals Carlsberg’s Russian Brewery, Takes Executives Hostage

Here at b33r.xyz we always considered beer to be a thing that unites people and maybe even fosters international cooperation and world peace. However, in the case of Carlsberg's Russian brewery, this approach seems to have experienced a Russian reversal.


Study: Ice-Cold Beer Is Safer, Especially if Non-Alcoholic

We love our beer ice cold, sure. We are usually less inclined towards non-alcoholic beer, but there are some occasions to partake in this type of brew. According to a recent study, our gut feeling is correct: Ice-cold beer is both a better and a safer option.


What Is Malty Beer and How to Tell If Beer Is Malty

Aren't all bears malty? That is a good question, considering all beers are made from malt (among other main beer ingredients). But before we can answer it, let's first define what exactly is malt.


Discovering the Key Ingredients in Your Favorite Beer

Have you ever wondered what exactly beer is made of? What are the key ingredients that give beer its unique flavor and characteristics? In this article, we will explore the various elements of beer and delve into the brewing process.


Climate Change Threatens European Beer

Acknowledging the overarching significance of climate change is a shared understanding that transcends geographical boundaries and societal divisions. However, what many may find surprising is the extent to which this global predicament infiltrates the most cherished aspects of our daily lives, including our favorite beverages.


Hoppy Beer Attenuates Liver Damage in Mice

Scientists at Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) have studied female binge-drinking mice and found out that hoppy beers are better for the liver than beers without hops. As we explained in our earlier article, one way to think about beer styles would be to divide beers into two broad categories: hoppy beers and malty beers.

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