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Moderate Beer Consumption Becomes New Trend

Nearly three-quarters of millennials (people aged 21-35) say they prefer moderate beer consumption on their nights out.

Average Beer Consumption Decreases

A new survey, commissioned by Heineken and conducted by a behavioral insights agency, Canvas8, shows that 75 percent of people aged between 21 and 35 in the U.S., UK, The Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico are usually limiting their beer consumption at parties.

According to Gianluca Di Tondo from Heineken, “moderation is becoming an active choice for an image-conscious generation wanting to stay in control.” Apparently, social media are to blame—millennials tend to be very concerned with their image and are afraid of looking bad on Facebook. Over 36 percent of the respondents said they have experienced “social shaming” caused by looking drunk in a picture on social media websites.

To say the truth, negative Facebook comments do not strike us at the b33r.xyz as the best reason not to go on a drinking binge. On the other hand, this kind of social pressure may be a factor explaining a positive correlation between working out and drinking beer.

Taste and Quality Over Quantity

Over a third of the survey participants (38 percent) stated that they always limit their alcohol consumption; over a half of millennials respect others’ decision to stick to recommended beer consumption levels.

What is more, beer price and alcohol content are not something millennials en masse are concerned with. Instead, taste and quality are the most important things for, respectively, 41 and 32 percent of the survey respondents.

Goal Auzeen Saedi, a psychologist and millennial behavior expert, cites growing at times of “economical disruption” as one of the reasons for “making positive lifestyle choices” (i.e., drinking in moderation). That point of view, however, does not explain disregard for the cost of the beer displayed by 81 percent of the respondents.

As a part of its new advertising campaign “Moderate Drinkers Wanted,” Heineken created released a moderately sexist video that should, according to their press release, “encourage men to moderate their drinking.”

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