Drinking Beer Helps You Get More Exercise

This may seem counterintuitive, but, in fact, there may be some merit in the idea of working out and drinking beer.

At least, the results of a study by the scientists at the University of Miami heavily hint that people who drink more beer tend to exercise more.

Beer and Exercises

Drinking beer and working out are, as scientists like to put it, positively correlated. In layman’s terms, that means that we beer lovers are more physically active than non-drinkers are. It is not an abstract theory—researchers obtained these results from a rigorous cross-section analysis of a representative sample of the American population.

What they found is a scientifically proven fact. And the fact is, people that do not drink any alcohol, on average, tend to engage in physical activity for a little over an hour per week (70.29 minutes, to be exact). We, drinkers, are significantly less lazy. Light, moderate, and heavy drinkers exercise, accordingly, for 78.3, 84.56, and 95.99 minutes in a usual week. Another interesting fact about these results is that this trend applies equally well to both women and men.


The study offers several different theories to explain the rather unexpected results. One theory is that drinkers tend to me more open to participation in high-risk sporting activities like surfing, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding. According to the authors of the study, drinking and adventurous lifestyle go hand-in-hand, and people active in one sphere tend to be active in other as well.

Another explanation is that a beer after work is a way to socialize. Therefore, beer lovers are more social and like to participate in organized group sporting activities. And, of course, after working out, the time comes to grab a beer and enjoy it with your friends.

Lastly, it may be that people who drink beer are more aware of the negative consequences of physical inactivity. Participation in various sports is, therefore, a way to spend the extra energy gained through drinking. This theory also explains the results of other studies that found no relation between drinking alcohol and increased body weight.

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