Budweiser Continues Mocking Craft Beer in Super Bowl Ad

Continuing its campaign of mockery, Budweiser released another Super Bowl commercial making fun of craft breweries. Craft beer is sure to retaliate in kind.

Craft beer and big beer, apparently, cannot just live together in peace and harmony. So much so, that Budweiser continues to attack craft beer in their Super Bowl commercial for the second consecutive year.

Below is Budweiser anti-craft-beer commercial from 2015.

And here’s the most recent Budweiser ad mocking craft beer:

The funny thing is, craft beer may actually be more relevant to the Super Bowl than it seems at the first glance. As we have written earlier, wine is overtaking beer as the most popular beverage to enjoy while watching Super Bowl—largely because of the growing female audience of the event. And the craft beer is significantly more popular among women than among men. It logically follows that craft beer may be the key to keeping the Super Bowl robustly within the domain of beer.

There was also that strange story about Peyton Manning mentioning Budweiser after winning the Super Bowl and the Brewers Association getting upset by this Budweiser ad and sending Manning a package of craft beers.

Business Insider even published a large article on how craft breweries are heroically fighting a good fight against the big beer companies. The article has its points, but it seems to me that the author is missing the larger picture. Limited-edition craft beers and traditional lager you can buy at any supermarket are quite different products that are meant for different occasions.

Of course, a more cynical man than me would say that what’s really going on is craft beer and big beer nicely dividing the market niche by targeting diverse demographics with different offerings. To oversimplify the matter, a stereotypical hardcore conservative can enjoy their six-pack of Budweiser American Ale while a stereotypical tree-hugging liberals are free to go for an organic, gluten-free craft beer. I, myself, enjoy both kinds of beer depending on my current mood, so it is hard to say how well it will work.

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