No Beer Taxation Without Representation

People of the United Kingdom rise against the government in protest against unfair beer taxes.

Taxes on beer in the United Kingdom are among the highest in Europe. British taxpayers pay a beer tax of £0.52 (approx. $0.76, or just over 15.5 percent) per pint of beer—one of the highest taxes in Europe. An average price for a pint of beer in the UK is £3.32 (approx. $4.85). Even with the current trend toward moderate beer consumption, this seems like a bit too much.

The British Beer & Pub Association, an organization representing interests of breweries and pubs in the UK launched a new video (see below), urging the people of Britain to stand up to oppression—that is, to actively oppose high beer taxes.

In the video, the BBPA compares British tax on a pint of beer to tax rates in other European countries and explains how lowering this tax will help to create new jobs and promote the growth of British economy.

Being British, the creators of the video only ask to reduce the tax by £0.01—in other words, by less than 2 percent. Should the campaign prove to be a success, the tax rate will go from approximately 15.66 percent to 15.36 percent. I’d call it a definite improvement. For comparison, in Taxes customers in pubs pay an 8.25 percent sales tax on beer.

Apparently, this campaign has been going for some time now, but the video and a new campaign poster are recent additions. Should the people of the UK continue to politely ask their government to lower the beer tax, they will get to the U.S. tax levels in 30 years or so. We at the support this campaign wholeheartedly and ask you to join us in by tweeting a link to this article with hashtag #cutbeertax.

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